Book Update 10/22/20

Hey folks! Sorry this site has been so dead. It finally occurred to me I better start filling this up with book news, so y’all don’t get flustered. In the future, you can expect updates on Wednesdays around noon. Going to transfer the backlog of book update posts from my main blog The Optimist’s Umbrella as well. Don’t worry! Those old posts will still be on the blog; they’ll just get cross-posted here.

— There. Now all the book updates from the blog are on this site as well. Posts appear as originally constructed. May add commentary later, since they’re kinda sparse on details.

Updates may not come every week, but we’ll see.

The Tang of Fate is going real well. I’m just waiting on some feedback from a couple folks. Once I have that, it’s off to the agents. Of course, if I don’t get word before the end of the month, I may try submitting in January regardless.

Doesn’t make much sense to pitch right around the holidays, when agents are inundated as it is. Especially since my book’s genre (epic fantasy) is saturated enough WITHOUT being a quest story.

Sadly, it seems quest stories are harder to sell nowadays. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see. If this book don’t sell, I got more in the pipeline!

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