Book Update 10/26/20

Could wait no longer. Sent out the first query for The Tang of Fate today!

Sent to Jemiscoe Chambers-Black over at Andrea Brown Literary Agency. Very excited. We’ll see what happens.

Why submit to Andrea Brown? They have a strong history of supporting new authors and a hunger for fresh ideas, both of which apply to my novel, at least somewhat. I think my choice of protagonist could be a mark in my favor, though it will be difficult to sell anyone on quest fantasy in the current market.

As this is my first novel, though, I’m not putting all my eggs in this basket. Will have a zero draft done for book 2 hopefully by the end of 2021. I’ve got a good chunk of that draft already done, and if I get some positive reactions from agents and beta readers, maybe I’ll even do a sequel to The Tang of Fate. Or at least another story set in that world. I’ve an idea or two.

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