Terrwyn the Warrior: Standing 5’8″, Terrwyn has brown skin, eyes, and hair. She is a soldier in Queen Selene’s army and believes that all people should be free. She seeks revenge for the death of her family at Hadeon’s hands.

Elenne the Princess: The cousin of the queen of Zargon, Elenne is a trained physician in a world that still doesn’t quite understand germ theory. She is smart and capable, blonde-haired with paler skin than Terrwyn.

Calin the Nokken: As a nokken, Calin is the offspring of a male human and a female fairy (a nymph) with the power to transform into a wolf. He is a roguish youth, short for his gender, and seeks a family of his own. He has yellow eyes and bright red hair.

Croli the Wizard: A wizard of the Tower of the Winds, Croli has been sent to chase after the renegade sorcerer Hadeon after he transformed several brother wizards into walking skeletons. His pursuit has brought him hundreds of miles to the land of Zargon, where he meets Terrwyn and Calin.

Selene the Queen: The embattled Queen Selene of Zargon wants to restore the rights of the Kaian people, the original inhabitants of Zargon. Many of her nobles believe the Kaians are lesser and should continue to serve the ruling Zaru. Thus, Selene is queen of a land divided by Civil War. Selene is pale with dark hair and eyes.

Hadeon the Sorcerer: Hadeon seeks to restore his sister’s soul so that she can have a peaceful afterlife. But to do so, he’s been forced to delve into forbidden arts which made him an outcast among the wizards. During his studies, he’s learned how to create skelerai, walking skeletal warriors, which he uses as a kind of personal army/bodyguard while he quests for the Jinn, the only being who can grant his dead sister freedom.